Save Irving Street

from private ownership!

 NEWS!  FEBRUARY 4, 2013:  After much thought, we have decided to file a post-trial motion with the Court asking for reconsideration of the court order that, among other issues, granted the Bigas-Valedons and Navarros title to the east end of Irving Street (1100 block).  We will provide more details later, but thought that Irving Street's supporters would appreciate knowing that we have not given up the cause in court and intend to vigorously pursue justice for Irving Street.   Lynn and Cliff Landes

(east Irving St. is on far side of the intersection of 200 block of S. Jessup Street)

HELP put historic Irving Street on The City Plan!

Write and/or E-mail Mayor Michael Nutter and ask him to put Irving Street on the City Plan. Address: City Hall, Room 215, Philadelphia, PA 19107 or (writing tips)

Please donate to our legal defense fund.  Write checks to "Friends of Irving Street", send to: Cliff and Lynn Landes, 217 South Jessup Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107
Join The Philadelphia Society of Small Streets!  To help Preserve, Repair, and Restore Philadelphia's Historic Small Streets!

Organizers: Cliff and Lynn Landes
217 S. Jessup Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107 
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